Our Story

About Us

Okey Dokey Design was founded in 2019 by Samantha. Over the years the company has grown from a small selection of greeting cards to a large collection of stationery, gifts & most importantly writing paper. Our aim is to create beautiful, high quality products that make you smile & are also eco friendly to the world. Because that’s important to us.

Our Style

Often focusing on florals & animals but not restricted to them, Samantha loves to paint & illustrate anything that is pretty & might put a smile on someones face. Samantha’s unique illustrations are often described as whimsical & full of colour.

Our Vision

We have grand plans for Okey Dokey Design. As it grows we want to expand our collections & grow our product lines. We want to be a one stop shop for people who love letter writing & stationery! All stationery addicts are welcome! We plan to stay ahead of the game by being innovative & constantly having new designs to choose from. We love it when a new customer discovers us for the first time! We love it even more when they take the time to send us a message to say how excited they are that they have found us! They feel as if they have found a hidden gem & in a way… they have!

Our Products

Creating high quality products that last the test of time are important to us as a company. It is key that are products are not only pretty to look at but are functional too. Sustainability is at the heart of our business. Our paper is FSC certified, our kraft envelopes are made from recycled paper & our packaging is all plastic free. We are not perfect, but we try to be the best we can be. Everything is designed, manufactured & dispatched in the UK, from our little studio in Surrey. We like it this way, as it means we can check each & every order before it gets sent out.

Our Founder

Samantha has a background in illustration. Having studied at university, she then went on to become a greeting card designer, followed by a product designer. After a few years as a design manager she decided it was time to try & make her dream of owning a company a reality. That is how Okey Dokey Design was founded. With many years experience in the industry, starting a company came naturally to her & from that Okey Dokey Design has grown steadily. We are excited for the future!

Who We Work With

We currently supply our products to small independent gift shops & businesses. Because you are here reading this, you must be interested in becoming an Okey Dokey Design wholesaler which is so exciting for us!

We look forward to working with you closely and building up a relationship you can trust and rely on.

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